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Look, We Promise Social Media Really Does Work: A Case Study

Regular readers will be aware that Source were taking part in Shrewsbury’s Race For Life this month. Well, we did it. Not only did we run the entire 5K (with some of us beating our personal bests), but we also managed to raise a staggering amount of money.

At the time of writing, the grand total stands at a whopping £1,057.50 and we’re so grateful to everyone who sponsored us. Your support made all the blood, sweat and tears completely worth it!

It has to be said though, a fair amount of that sum is down to spreading the word on social media. We know – we’re banging on, once again, about how social media is such a useful, powerful tool for businesses – but we’re only saying it because it’s true and we know that people out there are still fairly dubious about the whole topic. But let’s take this past Race For Life event as an example and have a proper look…

Regular updates on Source’s internal “goings-on” are posted via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels. In preparation for the race and to spread the word about our involvement, we published a post entitled ‘Source Raising Money For Cancer Research UK In Race For Life’ explaining what we’d soon be doing, linking to our respective fundraising pages and asking for people to dig deep and donate to a worthy cause. 

Once live, that post was then pushed out across our social media channels with a picture of smiling, happy faces – courtesy of Sally, Kirsty and Paula – direct mentions of the official Race For Life and Cancer Research UK social media accounts (to ensure they would receive notifications about our post) and relevant hashtags to reach a larger audience. The engagement we achieved from these posts was as follows:

  • 1 share
  • 801 people reached
  • 683 impressions
  • 1 comment
The post was published on our website and pushed out across social media on 18th May and, at the time of writing, it has generated a total of 68 pageviews, 51 of those being unique visits and 53 of them being from a social media channel. The average time spent on the page is over 5 minutes and the bounce rate is 82.98% which means people took the time to explore elsewhere on our website. Whilst it may seem high at first, that bounce rate is actually fairly respectable for a blog post, as people will often leave a website straight after they get the information they wanted from a news or blog post.

Following that success, and with a week to go before the big day, we decided to thank all our lovely clients that had already donated to the cause. So, on 7th June, we published a vibrant, eye-catching image, listing our clients together with a “Thank you” message. To accompany this, we tagged each of those clients accordingly, together with the official Race For Life and Cancer Research UK accounts again so that they would all receive notifications about our post. We also included relevant hashtags and a link back to our original blog post to make it easy for anyone still wishing to sponsor us. Once again, this post received a lot of engagement:

  • 1,053 people reached
  • 1 comment
  • 801 impressions
Finally, the big day was upon us. The race was great fun and we loved being part of such an important event that brought together women from all over the county. And, of course, we were sure to take photos of our efforts, posting these images, once again, to our social media accounts. Using many of the same techniques as before, our sweaty-but-happy post-run faces generated:

  • 1 share
  • 1,604 people reached
  • 669 impressions
  • 1 comment

Even now, a few days after posting, these numbers are still growing.

Incidentally, that one comment on our Instagram post was from the official Race for Life account saying “We love your pic! To be featured, please reply with #YESraceforlife to agree”. So, of course, we said yes! 

In short, no, this activity is unlikely to lead to direct sales or conversions for us, but that was never our purpose. And to use social media successfully, it shouldn’t be yours either.

As well as our main goal of raising money for Cancer Research UK, we posted on social media to show the real, human faces of the people behind Source.

Whether your focus is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or even more B2B-based platforms such as LinkedIn, the idea is to use social media as an additional – and extremely powerful – marketing tool. It’s about awareness; getting your business out there and humanising your brand. 

And hey, if you think you may need a little assistance getting yourself out there, we’re more than happy to help.

Source Raising Money For Cancer Research UK In Race For Life

Novelty t-shirts on and running shoes at the ready, Source is uniting with thousands of women across the country for one purpose; to beat cancer!


On Sunday 11th June, Sally, Kirsty, Paula and Jem will be lacing up their trainers, getting ready to run 5K in Shrewsbury's Race For Life. The women's-only event has been running since 1994, where ladies across the country are sponsored to walk, jog or run the 5-kilometre course and all proceeds are given to Cancer Research UK.

Over the years, Source have been more than happy to raise money for various charities all across the UK; more recently in December 2016, we devised '25 Days of Christmas', our charity fun game which took place over the Advent period and raised £1,175 for local Shropshire charity, Hope House.

But this time, we're delighted to be taking part in such a worthy, pre-established event and we're excited to be joining other women from Shropshire and beyond to support this great cause. In fact, we love this event so much that this is our fifth time!

How can you support us?

Whether you wish to donate to the cause, come along to cheer us on, or just send us your well-wishes, your support will be gratefully received, giving us plenty of motivation to reach that finish line.

Want to come and watch? You'll find us at the starting line just before 11am in The Quarry on Sunday 11th June - we'll be wearing our very own black and pink Source t-shirts so we'll be hard to miss.

Want to donate money? Whether it's pennies or pounds, every little helps and your donation will go a long way towards battling cancer. Sally, Kirsty, Paula and Jem all have individual fundraising pages for the event - all of which are listed below - but we are fundraising collectively as Source.

Sally -

Kirsty -

Paula -

Jem -

So please dig deep and give generously to a great cause!

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